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Co-vision is one of the methods of professional collaboration.

During co-vision, participants consider and discuss specific situations and challenges they meet in their professional practice and look for effective methods of behaviour and solutions. 

At the meeting, we will choose one of the cases (situations) proposed by you for discussion, and analyse it together. 

We expect from you a case/situation related to education, and a description of the situation  that you would like to discuss at the co-vision.
If you don’t have a “specific situation” that you want to solve, but you are interested in experiencing the  method, communicating with colleagues and enriching your professional experience - then you are welcome too!

If you want to join our next online co-visions on the 23rd of May or 18th of June

from 16.30 to 18.00 CET then use the registration form below. 

Register for the next online co-vision here!

When would you like to join the co-vision?

Thank you for filling in the registration form!
We will contact you soon with the details of
the online co-vision meeting.

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