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photo from the training course

Teacher and learner of the new reality

Our main aim is to provide participants with the opportunity to explore and experience teacher's and learner's pathways in era 2020+ and explore together how education and learning could help to answer on modern challenges - pandemic, wars, climate change, etc.

ERASMUS+ KA1 training course for educators

Competencies that will be developed by participants of the course

Experiencing teacher's & learner's pathways in the era of 2020+

& understanding educators' role in answering modern challenges such as pandemics, wars, climate change, etc.

Choosing adequate methods, tools, ways for supporting the learning process, using mindfulness techniques for reducing stress & anxiety 


skills in multicultural & multilingual contexts, using community

learning as a way to bring people together

Developing of personal reflective practice and learning how to use it for fostering positive students' development

 Building on diversity (incl. people from different cultures, gender & sexual identity, migrant & refugee backgrounds)


programme of the course

Locations & Dates

  • ​Protaras, Cyprus 23 October 2023

  • St-Martin 12 February 2024

  • Cappadocia, Turkey 15 April 2024 

  • Estonia 29 April 2024 

  • Cyprus 27 May 2024 

  • Estonia 24 June 2024 

  • Corfu 19 August 2024 


Target audience: teachers, trainers, headmasters, school and education managers, educational counsellors, career counsellors, adult educators, other higher educators, other non-governmental organization staff, public servants, and policy makers.

Participation fee: 560 €

The amount includes preparation for the course, training, training materials, organizational costs, and cultural and social programme. Accommodation and meals are not included.

Supportive learning materials of the programme will be sent to the participants in advance.

The training itself will not be built on lectures or presentations, but on searching effective solutions and inspiration for the participants' practice, discovering experiences of other countries and spending valuable time together.
We make tailor-made programmes according to the organisation's needs if the whole group is from one organisation.

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