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Enhancing Educator Wellbeing and Preventing Burnout 

‘Enhancing Educator Wellbeing and Preventing Burnout’  is a transformative educational program designed for educators and educational specialists.


This unique experience combines learning with a rejuvenating retreat, covering essential topics such as mindfulness, embodiment, and holistic approaches to well-being. Participants will explore strategies for supporting both learner and educator well-being, while deepening their personal practice through a mind-body connection. 

Additionally, the program offers a unique community living experience, where participants will reside together close to nature, fostering a sense of camaraderie and connection. Join us to enhance your professional skills and personal growth in a supportive and revitalizing environment.

Competencies that will be developed by participants of the course

  • Mindfulness and Stress Management: Develop skills to practice mindfulness and manage stress effectively, fostering a calm and focused mind.

  • Embodiment Techniques: Learn and apply embodiment practices to enhance physical and emotional awareness, promoting overall well-being.

  • Holistic Approaches to Well-being: Understand and implement holistic strategies to support both personal and professional well-being, integrating mind-body connections.

  • Supporting Learner Well-being: Gain insights and techniques for creating supportive and nurturing learning environments that promote student well-being.

  • Educator Self-care: Master self-care practices to maintain personal health and prevent burnout, ensuring sustained effectiveness and satisfaction in the teaching profession.

  • Emotional Resilience: Build emotional resilience to better handle the challenges and demands of the educational environment.

  • Personal Practice Development: Deepen personal mindfulness and well-being practices, enhancing overall life satisfaction and professional performance.

  • Community and Connection: Foster a sense of community and connection with fellow educators, creating a supportive network for ongoing growth and collaboration.

  • Reflective Practices: Cultivate reflective practices to continuously assess and improve personal well-being and teaching methods.

  • Work-life Balance: Learn strategies to achieve a healthy work-life balance, promoting long-term career sustainability and personal happiness.


Day 1

  • Introduction to the programme & explanation of practical arrangements 

  • Getting to know each other 

  • Introducing the programme and creating common ground

  • Personal reflection, learning & action plan


Day 2

  • Mindfulness meditation 

  • Nature-based activity 

  • Embodiment/ moving activity 


Day 3

  • Mindfulness meditation 

  • Nature-based activity 

  • Embodiment/ moving activity 

  • Open space for participants


Day 4

  • Mindfulness meditation 

  • Nature-based activity 

  • Embodiment/ moving activity 


Day 5

  • Putting the pieces of puzzle together: conclusion of the programme & key learning points

  • Preparation of personal tool-box 

  • Reflection & Feedback session

  • Course Evaluation, celebration and certification

Locations & Dates

Slovenia 14 July 2025


Supportive learning materials of the programme will be sent to the participants in advance.​

The training itself will not be built on lectures or presentations, but on searching effective solutions and inspiration for the participants' practice, discovering experiences of other countries and spending valuable time together.


We make tailor-made programmes according to the organization's needs if the whole group is from one organization.

Target audience: teachers, trainers, headmasters, school and education managers, educational counsellors, career counsellors, adult educators, other non-governmental organization staff, public servants, and policy makers.

Course fee: 400 € + Accommodation and meals as course provides community leaving experience.

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