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Holistic approach in education

Our main aim is to provide participants with the opportunity to explore and experience a holistic approach in education.

Competencies that will be developed by participants of the course

  • Planning, carrying out, evaluation & analysis of learning process using holistic approach

  • Choosing adequate methods, tools & ways for supporting the learning process holistically

  • Implementing models for promoting sustainability 

  • Mindfulness techniques for reducing stress and anxiety

  • Communication skills in a multicultural and multilingual contexts

  • Personal reflective practice & learning how to use it for fostering students’ learning


Day 1


  • Introduction, getting to know each other

  • Learning objectives, steps of the programme, personal goals

  • Context of the learning week: why to use a holistic approach in education?

  • Connecting with the environment


Day 2

  • Holistic approach: how to use it, case studies

  • Me as a Learner and Me as a Teacher

  • Planning the learning process using holistic approach

  • Outdoor programme with individual and pair tasks


Day 3

  • Supporting teachers’ and learners’ mental health

  • Mindfulness and Embodied Learning

  • Nature as a teacher

  • Cultural evening with Live Music


Day 4


  • Toolbox of methods in holistic approach

  • Art-therapy experience

  • Testing the methods in different learning environments

  • Evaluation of the learning process in holistic approach


Day 5


  • Sustainability in education: care for me, care for me and you, care for all

  • Experiments outdoors

  • Creative workshop: future of education


Day 6


  • Practicing holistic approach through a study trip


Day 7


  • Sharing the participants’ methods and tools

  • Collecting and presenting the toolboxes to take to the sending organisations

  • Reflection of the learning process

  • Making evaluation and conclusions

  • Celebration

During the course the participants will:

● Learn and experience a holistic approach in education;

● Practice connection with the environment;

● Exchange good practices and discuss challenges with fellow colleagues and the course trainers;

● Learn and work together with educators from different European countries.

Expected outcomes:

● Toolbox for further work;

● Tested methods/ tools of a holistic approach in education;

● Inspiration for innovation in the teacher's job.

Locations & Dates

Cyprus 27 May 2024

Estonia 24 June 2024 

Corfu 19 August 2024

Cappadocia 30 September 2024

Cyprus 28 October 2024

Estonia 2 December 2024 

Saint-Martin 13 January 2025

Cyprus 28 April 2025

Estonia 30 June 2025

Corfu 18 August 2025

Estonia 8 December 2025


Target audience: teachers, trainers, headmasters, school and education managers, educational counsellors, career counsellors, adult educators, other non-governmental organization staff, public servants, and policy makers.

Supportive learning materials of the programme will be sent to the participants in advance.

The training itself will not be built on lectures or presentations, but on searching for effective solutions and inspiration for the participants' practice, discovering experiences of other countries and spending valuable time together. 

Participation fee: 

400 € - 5 days

560 € - 7 days

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