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Sustainable Leadership in Education

Begin your transformative path towards sustainability-focused leadership in education. Our course has been specially designed to prepare education practitioners for applying principles and methods underpinning sustainability in their personal and professional lives.

The course will provide innovative ways of exploring the interrelated nature of different sustainability dimensions, its reflection in the modern educational systems, and the vital role educators can play in overcoming current local and global issues.

Competencies that will be developed by participants of the course

  • Participants will develop essential skills for sustainable leadership in education, create a personal sustainable leadership plan and explore the supportive tools and methods for sustainable leadership

  • The course will contribute to the critical, creative, and systems thinking skills that are vital for sustainable leadership in education

  • Participants will gain a deeper understanding of current global challenges, solutions, and the pivotal role of education in addressing both global and local issues

  • The course will facilitate adaptability to shifting needs and understanding of evolving labor market demands and changes in the education system, responding to societal shifts and technological advancements with agility and effectiveness


Day 1

  • Introduction to the programme & explanation of practical arrangements 

  • Getting to know each other 

  • Introduction to the sustainable leadership in education

  • Personal reflection, learning & action plan


Day 2

  • Diving into the context: mapping the current global challenges and solutions

  • Exploring the role of education in addressing global & local challenges

  • Understanding the shift in the needs of labor market (knowledge, skills, jobs) & new functions of education system in a new reality


Day 3

  • Exploring holistic approach as a tool for education for sustainable development

  • Nurturing critical, creative, and systems thinking skills essential for addressing complex sustainability challenges

  • Exploring effective sustainable practices within educational settings


Day 4

  • Sustainable leadership in burnout prevention: focusing on sustainable leadership practices aimed at preventing burnout and promoting well-being among educators 

  • Delving into concepts and strategies for personal support & development, exploring mindfulness techniques, stress management strategies, and self-care practices through interactive sessions

  • Compiling a toolbox of resources and strategies to support personal well-being and sustain leadership journey 


Day 5

  • Putting the pieces of puzzle together: conclusion of the programme & key learning points

  • Development of personal plan of sustainable leadership with focus on three dimensions of care (selfcare, support to closest people, care for society & environment)

  • Reflection & Feedback session

  • Course Evaluation, celebration and certification

Locations & Dates

Estonia 2 December 2024 

Estonia 30 June 2025

Estonia 8 December 2025


Target audience: teachers, trainers, headmasters, school and education managers, educational counsellors, career counsellors, adult educators, other non-governmental organization staff, public servants, and policy makers.

Supportive learning materials of the programme will be sent to the participants in advance.

The training itself will not be built on lectures or presentations, but on searching for effective solutions and inspiration for the participants' practice, discovering experiences of other countries and spending valuable time together. 

Participation fee: 400 € 

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