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Trauma-informed leadership: creating a safe and nourishing learning environment

This training course is designed to integrate a trauma-informed approach into educational activities, enhancing resilience, inclusion, and participation among learners. The program emphasizes understanding, gentleness, and care to accommodate the needs of trauma-impacted individuals, aiming to restore and bolster their self-regulation capabilities.

Participants will learn to apply trauma-sensitive practices that go beyond recognizing trauma signs to deeply understanding their impact. By prioritizing compassion and inclusivity, educators will be equipped to create a safe environment where learners can reclaim their self-regulation abilities. The course fosters an inclusive ethos that respects individual narratives, promoting an equal environment for all students.

The training moves away from traditional lectures, focusing instead on collaborative problem-solving and sharing experiences from different countries. Participants will receive supportive learning materials in advance, ensuring a rich, interactive learning experience. Tailor-made programs can be developed to meet the specific needs of an organization if the whole group is from one organization.

Competencies that will be developed by participants of the course

Trauma Awareness: 

  • Understanding the prevalence and impact of trauma on learners. 

  • Recognizing signs and symptoms of trauma in educational settings.

Empathy and Compassion:

  • Cultivating a compassionate approach to interactions with learners.

  • Valuing and respecting individual narratives and experiences.

Inclusive Practices:

  • Implementing strategies that promote inclusivity and equity in the learning environment.

  • Ensuring all learners feel safe, respected, and valued.

Self-Regulation Support:

  • Developing techniques to help learners regain and strengthen their self-regulation capabilities.

  • Creating a supportive environment that fosters resilience.

Holistic Educational Approach:

  • Integrating trauma-informed practices into all aspects of teaching and learning.

  • Avoiding re-traumatization by creating environments that promote healing and growth.

Professional Development:

  • Enhancing the overall quality and impact of educational interventions.

  • Strengthening the capacity of educators and educational organizations to operate with a trauma-informed lens.


Day 1

  • Introduction to the programme & explanation of practical arrangements 

  • Getting to know each other 

  • Introduction to the Trauma-informed approach and education in nowadays 

  • Personal reflection, learning & action plan


Day 2

  • Trauma and its impact on educators and learners

  • Stress-response and self-regulation


Day 3

  • Trauma-sensitive practices 

  • Exploring practical tips for creating safe and nurturing learning environments. 

  • Nature-based programme


Day 4

  • Fostering a trauma-sensitive attitude, launching and sustain trauma-informed environment 

  • Embodiment and leading-following model 


Day 5

  • Putting the pieces of puzzle together: conclusion of the programme & key learning points

  • Preparation of personal tool-box of non-formal learning methods

  • Reflection & Feedback session

  • Course Evaluation, celebration and certification

Locations & Dates

Cyprus 28 April 2025

Estonia 30 June 2025


Supportive learning materials of the programme will be sent to the participants in advance.​

The training itself will not be built on lectures or presentations, but on searching effective solutions and inspiration for the participants' practice, discovering experiences of other countries and spending valuable time together.

We make tailor-made programmes according to the organization's needs if the whole group is from one organization.

Target groups: teachers (secondary, vocational), adult educators, teacher trainers, career officers, educational guides and counselors, headteachers and principals.

Course fee: 400 €

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